Who is Dustin Christian?

As you may have guessed, you have found the blog of Dustin Christian.Dustin Christian likes coffee

In the words of his Government/Economics teacher at Mission High School in Mission, TX (Hi, Mr. Klingensmith!), Dustin Christian is a mystery wrapped in an enigma packaged in an annoying little shit with delusions of grandeur.

Which really sums Dustin up quite nicely.

Dustin is also known as a father of 5, a geek, a word nerd, a growth hacker, and a content marketing ninja.

All of these aspects of Dustin’s personality will probably be touched on here, but the main theme is Dustin’s quest to live up to the titles of growth hacker and content marketing ninja. Dustin stumbles. A lot. As do we all. But the hope is that you’ll learn from his mistakes and we’ll all come out of this better and stronger people.

Dustin has worked with brands such as The IRON Network, Pine Biotech, VidAdBox, Lazy Magnolia Brewery, and I Am Alpha M.

Dustin isĀ one of the 100 Top Influencers in Growth Hacking. (#35)

Also, like the Incredible Hulk, Dustin hates personal pronouns.

The Hulk is Wise

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