Impression of The Dark Knight Prologue and I Am Legend

I’ve just gotten home after the I Am Legend IMAX experience, featuring the 6-minute prologue for The Dark Knight (the new Batman sequel). It was interesting that fully half of the people who lined up over two hours early came just to see the Dark Knight prologue and this wasn’t even the first showing. There was a midnight showing the night before and 4 showings earlier in the day.

Joker has drawing power, kids.

I was also amused by the three postings I saw and the overhead announcement that there would be no refunds once the prologue had played.

And my GAWD, was the prologue awesome! The summaries that posted all over teh intranets are accurate, but they still don’t do justice to the experience of seeing it all play out on the big screen. Heath Ledger is an excellent Joker, casting aside the camp for a total maniacal cackling psychotic…freak.

I wish I could share this prologue with you all, but I don’t know that even viewing it on a computer monitor would really do it justice. If you get the chance, I have to recommend in the strongest possible terms that you check it out.joker dark knight poster

After the prologue, I figured the next ninety minutes would be a letdown.

And it was. I mean, nothing could quite match the prologue on the awesomeness scale….

but I Am Legend is actually a surprisingly good movie.

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never read Richard Matheson‘s book, so I can’t really say how faithful this movie was to Matheson’s original vision, but I have seen several of the film adaptations and I have to say that this was definitely the best that I’ve seen.

I’d recommend seeing I Am Legend even without the added benefit of the prologue, but when you combine them, I demand that you see this if possible.

Now please excuse me while I pass out from all the awesomeness and grief that I have to wait until June to see the rest of The Dark Knight.



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