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In the words of his Government/Economics teacher at Mission High School in Mission, TX (Hi, Mr. Klingensmith!), Dustin is a mystery wrapped in an enigma packaged in an annoying little shit with delusions of grandeur. Which really sums Dustin up quite nicely. Dustin is also known as a father of 5, a geek, a word nerd, a growth hacker, and a content marketing ninja.

Six Resources that Made Me a Growth Hacking Influencer

Recently,  Onalytica ranked me number 35 in their list of the 100 top influencers in growth hacking. I’m flattered, but I have to be honest – all I did was great content on the subject and ask the right questions. There’s … Continue reading

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Why I Fight For Marriage Equality

Note: This was originally posted on a earlier blog I owned. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, marriage equality is now the law. I’m reposting for posterity. People ask me why I fight so hard for … Continue reading

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Disney Buys Marvel, Plans Sorcerer Supreme’s Apprentice Limited Series

So I thought the biggest news (for me) today would be that I’m thirty years old, but Disney had to outdo me by buying frickin’ Marvel! Here thar be press release: Burbank, CA and New York, NY, August 31, 2009 … Continue reading

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Is Your Toddler Regressing? Relax, There’s Hope!

Rhonda and I have had some trouble with Nick.  We thought the days of arguments, screaming fits, and “potty accidents” were a thing of the past. But since Harper’s come home, they’re all back. Anyone who has read about “toddler … Continue reading

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Impression of The Dark Knight Prologue and I Am Legend

I’ve just gotten home after the I Am Legend IMAX experience, featuring the 6-minute prologue for The Dark Knight (the new Batman sequel). It was interesting that fully half of the people who lined up over two hours early came … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Digital Comics “Unlimited” is a Step in the Right Direction, But Not Quite Enough

For those who are living under a rock and/or haven’t been paying much attention to comics news lately, Marvel launched their Digital Comics “Unlimited” service today, offering unlimited access to Marvel’s back-library for $9.99 per month or $59.88 per year. … Continue reading

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More On the Rumor About Batman’s Death

In the latest Lying in the Gutters, Rich Johnston gives us some more information on the dirty dirty lies about the impending death of Batman: Last week’s rumour about Batman kicking the Batbucket to be replaced by a sidekick is … Continue reading

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X-Men Messiah Complex – So Far, So… Far

I just finished reading the first issue of X-Men Messiah Complex and all I can really say is that it doesn’t completely suck so far. I’m going to try to reserve judgement, since we all know that I’ll end up … Continue reading

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Batman ALWAYS Beats Superman, Foolish Jock!

Lions DB Fernando Bryant thinks Superman can beat Batman, proving that he’s been tackled a bit too hard. I would impose sanctions on this foolish mortal, but I figure playing for the Lions is punishment enough.

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Marvel Must Have Good Security on This “Red Hulk” Thing

Judging from how many hits I get on this post – which really amounts to nothing more than “WTF is this shit?!?!” – from the keyword “red hulk” on WordPress’s tag browser thingy, I’m guessing that nobody knows any more … Continue reading

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