The Joker’s Dark Knight Debut and Boss Maroni/Two-Face – Spoilers Ahoy

The Joker, after emerging from the canal of ch...

The Joker, after emerging from the canal of chemical-waste from Batman: The Killing Joke. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kellvin Chavez of has a scoop on the Joker’s first scene in The Dark Knight, apparently from having “dinner with an executive high up on the Warner Bros. food chain.”

According to Chavez and his anonymous source, Joker will rob the bank holding all the Gotham City underworld types’ money, holding the money “for ransom”. Joker tells all the crooks that if they help him take down Batman, he’ll give the money back. If they refuse, he’ll burn the money. This is where Joker gets his army to go against Batman.

There is speculation, unconfirmed by this anonymous source, that this is also where Joker utters the line “Starting tonight, people will die. I’m a man of my word.” heard in the teaser trailer seen here:

In other The Dark Knight news, Batz over at the Super Hero Hype forums has scanned an excerpt of Eric Roberts‘ (Boss Maroni) interview with FHM magazine wherein he discusses his character’s role in creating Two-Face and ultimate fate. Click here for the post.

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