Marvel Must Have Good Security on This “Red Hulk” Thing

Judging from how many hits I get on this post – which really amounts to nothing more than “WTF is this shit?!?!” – from the keyword “red hulk” on WordPress’s tag browser thingy, I’m guessing that nobody knows any more about who or what the Red Hulk is than I do.

I have to admit I’m rather impressed with Marvel’s rumor control.

For the sake of speculation, though, I will say that I’ve read that Hulk#1 is not replacing Incredible Hulk, but will be running concurrently, which leads me to believe that maybe this Red Hulk won’t┬áreplace Banner Hulk, but coexist, in a sense.

Thus, my best guess at this point is that the Red Hulk will be… Amadeus Cho, for no other reason than the anime hair on this image:

Is Amadeus Cho the Red Hulk?

Also, if I’d known that post would have gotten so much attention, I would have put a lot more effort into it. I mean, I would have at least come up with a better title, ya know?

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