This Image Confuses Me…

who is red hulkI’d heard that the Hulk was going to turn red, but I’d never heard any speculation that it was going to be someone else turning into the Hulk. I’d always assumed that something would happen to Bruce Banner (Is it telling of my generation that I had to pause and make sure I didn’t type “David Banner“?) to make him turn into a red, bulkier, more rage-fueled Hulk.

That idea is lame enough, but if they’re going to make it a new person too, that’s double lame.

On the bright side, that will probably give me another comic to drop, since this “One More Day” crap is shaping up to be the worst idea in the history of Spidey, even taking into account the Clone Saga and the six arms and alllllllllll that shit.

So, with One More Day ruining Spider-Man, if they ever get the last two issues out, and this Red Hulk crap looking to ruin Hulk, I’ll be saving money.

Thanks Quesada, I guess.

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