Why I Back The Hulk

I suck.

I had an amazing review of Powers #26 written up.  I had a nice breakdown about the story so far, why it was necessary to have a recap because of the months between issues, and all that.

I was smart, witty, concise… I was awesome, people.

And then I somehow deleted it.

Then I cried.

Then I decided I lack the energy to do it again.

hulk smashSo now you just get my argument for why Hulk is totally justified in killing the entire Illuminati.  I hope you’ll survive the disappointment.

Iron Man and his cronies decided that, through accidents and collateral damage, Hulk has caused too many deaths.  They trick Hulk into getting into a spacecraft and then sending him, against his will, to another planet.

Transporting a person against their will is known as kidnapping, by the way.

When the Hulk arrives on the –  wrong – planet, he is beaten, enslaved, and forced to engage in fights to the death.  Through skill, cunning, and exemplary leadership,  Hulk escapes his slavery and leads an army of former slaves to overthrow a tyrannical dictatorship and unite an entire planet in peace.

Hulk has finally attained the peace he has sought his entire existence.

And then…


The ship the Illuminati used to abduct Hulk explodes. Not only Hulk’s  wife and unborn child, not only every resident in the surrounding city, but the entire. Planet


Let me repeat that. They didn’t blow up a town the size of… I don’t know, let’s say Stamford, CT.


Hulk may have caused a lot of deaths, but he never destroyed an entire planet. I can’t think of any super-villains that have done that, besides Galactus or Darkseid.

That’s not mass genocide, people.  There’s not even a word for the scale of  massacre for which Tony Stark is responsible.

Considering what the Illuminati did to the Hulk because of the deaths he caused, considering the regulations that have been put on the entire superhuman community as a result of Stamford, is it even possible to go “too far” to punish the people who have done this to Hulk and his people?

Some will argue that the Illuminati didn’t intend for Hulk to end up on that planet or for the ship to blow up.

Hulk never intended anyone to die because of him, either.

Robbie Baldwin and the New Warriors didn’t intend for the children in Stamford to die.

In fact, let me give you a scenario here.  A bank robber is leaving the scene of a crime and hits a woman and her baby, killing both.  Is that bank robber responsible for those deaths?  I think we’d all agree that he is.

So why would the Illuminati be any less responsible for the deaths caused by their kidnapping of Hulk?

They’re not.

Hulk may be unreasonable, he may even be a monster, but he admits that.

Tony Stark is an even bigger monster who tries to hide behind “The Public Good.”

Just another Lex Luthor who needs a beat down.

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