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In the words of his Government/Economics teacher at Mission High School in Mission, TX (Hi, Mr. Klingensmith!), Dustin is a mystery wrapped in an enigma packaged in an annoying little shit with delusions of grandeur. Which really sums Dustin up quite nicely. Dustin is also known as a father of 5, a geek, a word nerd, a growth hacker, and a content marketing ninja.

The Dark Knight Prologue/Teaser With IMAX I Am Legend?

Just a quickie, and it’s pretty much like the title says – John Serba’s Project Mayhem blog is reporting a rumor that there will be a seven-minute Dark Knight prologue shown with the IMAX version of the Will Smith-fueled remake … Continue reading

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Batman Is Going Nowhere

I’ve read the latest Batman rumor on Rich Johnston‘s Lying In The Gutters column, on Fortress of Fortitude (Both blogs/columns I trust pretty much completely), and several other places that I can’t remember. For those who haven’t heard, the rumor … Continue reading

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An Update in the Gordon Lee Case

In an update to the Gordon Lee case that I wrote about earlier today, the Rome News-Tribune reports that the District Attorney’s office plans to retry the case: “We hope to get this on the next available misdemeanor trial calendar,” … Continue reading

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The Joker’s Dark Knight Debut and Boss Maroni/Two-Face – Spoilers Ahoy

Kellvin Chavez of has a scoop on the Joker’s first scene in The Dark Knight, apparently from having “dinner with an executive high up on the Warner Bros. food chain.” According to Chavez and his anonymous source, Joker will … Continue reading

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Prosecution Misconduct In Gordon Lee Case Results in Mistrial

For a history of comic store owner Gordon Lee‘s case as well as some context to the prosecution’s misconduct, you can view the CBLDF’s summary here. What follows is the official press release from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund … Continue reading

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Why I Back The Hulk

I suck. I had an amazing review of Powers #26 written up.  I had a nice breakdown about the story so far, why it was necessary to have a recap because of the months between issues, and all that. I … Continue reading

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This Image Confuses Me…

I’d heard that the Hulk was going to turn red, but I’d never heard any speculation that it was going to be someone else turning into the Hulk. I’d always assumed that something would happen to Bruce Banner (Is it … Continue reading

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